14 Ekim 2009 Çarşamba



Follow the world they live in those
Colors were collected within a round
Current and coming and going, and those who do not know

Flags burned and rebellion from the low tones
Spirits rising into the sky from the earth for you
Pure and majestic than ever.

Rising and falling trying not to mut those
Those who forget where they went,
For what ever he lived not find

Playing songs for you
La la la la
Let's go into eternity
La la la la
Let's just lost unconsciously
La la la la

Inside the mind wandering as depleted,
Trying to locate a passenger
When the body of the spirit of betrayal.

Who says I can not see me
When you went, what took
This is a lie.


Another One

This is not civic places,
Again with the sound of a gun
Greenest most beautiful
The guy in the door of the castle is different,
There are another flag,
I do not know a sound rising from religion
Everything for God.

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