26 Ağustos 2009 Çarşamba

Pass Through The Glass

I could see through the glass.
I drink wine at all.
For today, the most beautiful memories I've accumulated.
to breathe and survive as one.
a human.
we have accumulated in all the sounds.
Did you think we can beat?
as if a warm winter.
not born a child speaks:
"sounds, follow me, be quick"
because we actually like to have.
Although we do not ask we ask.
Although we carry the presence of love but not move.
I could see through the glass.
that's our future, our most beautiful.
Our most beautiful novel, our songs.
Our most beautiful memories.
under the trees, the silence of an oath,
We are away from everyone.
You think the light.
you asleep.
silent screams not enough to wake you.
"get up now, too late.
Time to go home."
I see now you can pass through the glass.

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